Image caption: Confirmed cases of Coronavirus in China 24th February 2020.

Confirmed cases of Coronavirus in China 24th February 2020.

Wow, we didn't see that Wall coming!
by David Soutar

First came the physical Great Wall to protect the Chinese Empire from the Mongolians and other invaders. Then came the Great Firewall which often blocks Chinese internet access to western sites. And now the Coronavirus Contagion Wall is disrupting our supply chain and supplier inspection visits to mainland China.

These supplier visits are essential to guarantee the quality of product components, where only one faulty or low-quality manufacturing process like the bad nickel-coating adhesion recently detected on our custom battery terminals can make the product unusable.

We will not put any of our employees or contractors at risk from this pandemic, so have suspended manufacturing build-up until Australian medicos give the all clear to travel to mainland China again.

Since our last update, the main product housing two-colour plastic injection tool redesign to solve the waterproofing seal issue has been approved with final samples expected any day from Malaysia.

Production electronics and early sample plastics, have now been in the hands of beta testers for several months and showing great savings results. We’re now looking forward to assembling electronics into the new moulded plastics, to complete the required product certifications prior to manufacturing your product.

As a sustainability driven company, we have been horrified at the devastation caused by this summer's bushfires. While politicians in Canberra are debating the causes, we believe Wattcost will enable consumers like you to take control of their carbon-footprint to help reduce the damaging impact of burning fossil fuels on our environment.

We’ll make an update as soon as we receive new inspection and manufacturing dates from our overseas and local suppliers.

From all of us at Wattcost, we thank you again for your ongoing support and we’re happy to answer your questions via email at [email protected].

In this update,

Warmest regards,


CEO & Co-founder

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