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Making your life smarter

Wattcost® is a revolutionary new technology that turns your home and its existing appliances into the smart and safe home of the future today!
Wattcost Beacon® meter-to-mobile technology leapfrogs the complexity of inter-connecting incompatible devices or the need to replace expensive appliances to manage your home more effectively.

  • Intelligent contextual messages by major appliance and user location
  • Personalized messages tell you how, where and when to save money
  • Get inspired competing for the best energy smart home in your area
  • Compare and switch to the best supplier* based on your actual use

Smart talking home

Real-time cost tracking and intelligent messages to help manage your home more effectively

Intelligent Savings

Wattcost analyses your energy use with advanced machine-learning algorithms and sends personalised alerts when energy savings are identified.

Control your Costs

Set a target for your next power bill to control the number of savings alerts you receive to make your goal a reality.

Compare and Compete

Compare your energy use and have fun competing for the most energy smart home with friends and neighbours.

Peace of Mind

Geofence technology enables us to send alerts when you are leaving home and have accidentally left on appliances.

Future Proofed

The Wattcost Beacon's software can be remotely upgraded over WiFi as new home and appliance technology features are released.

Data Security

Your data is securely stored online with the same cryptographic security protocols used by the major banks.

Simple to install

The Wattcost Beacon with its unique 'stick-on' electricity meter sensor is battery-operated and simple to install yourself, so you can be up and running in less than five minutes.

Download the free Wattcost App from the iTunes or Google Play store for installation instructions and to complete the simple WiFi setup.

In most cases no electrician or external power is required to connect your home electricity meter over WiFi to your personal online account. However, note that some apartments and solar installations may require the optional Wattcost 'clip-on' power sensor to be fitted by an electrician.

Meet the Team

Revolutionary smart home technology developed by industry experts

David Soutar

CEO and Co-Founder. David has established and rapidly grown companies for Philips Electronics, Fosters International and Honeywell Automation across Australia and Europe. He has been advising commercial and industrial businesses on energy efficiency and sustainability for over a decade. With multiple engineering degrees and as a self-confessed sustainability geek, he is often seen turning off office lights on sunny days and can be found riding mountain bikes around Sydney's steepest trails on weekends.

Tell Mueller-Pettenpohl

CTO and Data Scientist. With over a decade of experience in software development and management, Tell leads Wattcost’s product development team. With Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Data Science from leading universities in Germany and Spain, we put him in-charge of creating incredibly complex systems that will make your life much less complex. However, as much as we like Tell his diverse cultural background still confuses us whenever he takes his surfboard to go snowboarding.

Demetrious Harrington

CSO and Co-Founder. Demetri’s work in Silicon Valley at cleantech and electronic paper startups has been rewarded with multiple patents including E Ink display technologies used by Amazon Kindle and other e-readers. He also developed battery storage technologies at a San Francisco-based startup. Demetri has a Masters of Science in Engineering from Brown University, Rhode Island and is Wattcost’s hardware and data algorithms evangelist. He still says nothing smells quite as sweet as solder fumes in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save?

Wattcost can save up to 30% off your power bill when you act on the intelligent savings recommendations. That's serious savings for little effort!

What happens to my data?

We think it's really important you own and control who can access your electricity data. During installation an encrypted account is created on Wattcost's cloud-based servers, and all data access is protected by HTTPS/SSL, the same level of security used by the banks.

How does Wattcost work?

The Wattcost Beacon's low-power WiFi 802.11b/g/n machine-to-machine technology sends data via the Internet to our secure cloud-based servers for real-time analysis and sending savings alerts to your smartphone.

Can Wattcost control my appliances?

Not yet, but inter-connectivity initiatives like Apple HomeKit, Google OnHub/Weave, Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings will enable Wattcost to integrate with compatible home and appliance automation technologies for remote control in the future.

Does Wattcost ship internationally?

Wattcost has plans to ship globally in the near future, however only to Australia and New Zealand in the first pre-order campaign. Sign up to receive our blog below for latest news about future availability or send us an email asking about your country.

Why should I reserve my Beacon now?

Early adopters who reserve a Wattcost Beacon will be offered early access to new features including Wattcost’s awesome real-time appliance detection technology.

Which smartphones can I use?

Wattcost's app will work on most Apple iOS8/9 and Android KitKat & Lollipop smartphones. The free Wattcost app will be available from Apple iTunes and Google Play stores when shipping commences.

How long do the batteries last?

The Wattcost Beacon has been designed to operate with one meter sensor for more than 6-months on C-size batteries or optionally from a 5VDC micro-B USB plug adaptor. An alert is automatically sent when its time to replace the batteries.

Can I use Wattcost at a rental property?

Yes of course. If you are responsible for paying the electricity bill you can also benefit from Wattcost's energy saving technology. And when moving, you can simply remove and reinstall the Wattcost Beacon at your new home.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will only be charged when your order is shipped from our manufacturing facility. We'll keep you up-to-date on the journey of your Wattcost Beacon through regular blog posts.

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