Introducing Wattcost.

New technology to make your home energy intelligent so you always pay less.

New technology that protects our planet and ensures you always pay less for your home energy.

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Green made smart.

We supply the intelligence so you can protect the planet.

Only use the cleanest energy.

Wattcost tracks your energy use to unveil the best plan for your home and our environment. We make it easy to switch at the click of a button.

Intelligent footprint reduction.

Receive real‑time alerts when appliances are wasting energy and take action to improve your carbon footprint.

Protect our planet with 1‑click.

Wattcost offers accurate in‑app carbon offsetting by planting native trees on your behalf to restore our climate.

Power is knowledge.

Independent and actionable insights that can save you $100's every year.

Pay less for your energy.

Wattcost live technology always reveals the lowest cost electricity plan to match your home energy use. Simple selection auto‑changes your plan.

Reduce waste. Save money.

Get intelligent alerts when appliances are accidentally left on or defective to save to help you save even more money.

Know when to use appliances.

Wattcost tracks your budget, weather and electricity rates to notify when best to use your costly appliances.

Peace of mind.

Worry less when you are away from home. Dangerous things can happen when appliances are left on. Wattcost sends real‑time alerts to protect the people and things you care about.

Intelligent energy in your hand.

Take our internationally awarded app for a test drive.

Live monitoring

See your home energy use in real‑time so you control your costs when it matters.

Intelligent alerts

Get geofence alerts when you have accidentally left on household appliances.

Community sharing

Learn how to save more from your neighbours and friends savings achievements.

See your home energy use in real-time so you control your costs when it matters.

Personalised savings

Compare & switch to the energy plan with savings to match your lifestyle.

Budget tracker

Avoid bill shock forever with live budget tracking & intelligent notifications.

Improve your footprint

Offset the carbon emissions from your home energy usage with 1‑click native tree planting.

Install in seconds.

Wattcost works in any home, apartment or rental. It's one smart wireless sensor that listens to every appliance from your electricity meter. Other devices not required.

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How to install?

3 simple steps to your personal intelligent home.

Step 1

Download the Wattcost app. Available for free from the App Store.

Step 2

Locate your home WiFi network and connect your Wattcost Beacon.

Step 3

Simply stick the sensor onto your electricity meter display*. Your self‑adhesive Beacon sticks inside your meter box.

How does it work?

Captures real-time energy use to create your personal intelligent home.


Wattcost's self-powered WiFi-sensor captures real‑time energy data for every household appliance by optically reading all types of home electricity meter.


Advanced machine‑learning algorithms use energy, time, weather and historical data to continuously identify savings and safety opportunities in your home.


The Wattcost mobile app shows your actual cost and savings in real‑time with budget‑tracking and intelligent alerts. See how much and where you can save!

Customer testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our early‑trial customers.
John Winning

Appliances Online

"Wattcost's intelligent home application has reduced my home electricity bill by 32% over the past 3 months"
Leanne R.

Busy parent

"Wattcost gives me piece of mind when I'm leaving home that I haven't accidentally left on a dangerous household appliance"
Danny K.

Solar home owner

"We were amazed how Wattcost could track our solar system savings in real‑time to help us to minimize our electricity costs even more"

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our early‑trial customers.
"Wattcost's intelligent home application has reduced my home electricity bill by 32% over the past 3 months"
John Winning

CEO Appliances Online

"Wattcost gives me piece of mind when I'm leaving home that I haven't accidentally left on a dangerous household appliance"
Leanne R.

Busy parent

"We were amazed how Wattcost could track our solar system savings in real‑time to help us to minimize our electricity costs even more"
Danny K.

Solar home owner

Latest updates

Learn how Wattcost cut John Winning’s power bill by 32%!
Posted ago

Recently, Wattcost was featured in an Appliances Online Blog post which tells the story of the first time Wattcost Cofounder and CEO, David Soutar and Appliances Online CEO, John Winning, met inside the back of an Uber during a pitch event!

John currently has Wattcost installed in his home which has saved him a massive 32% off his power bills so far! Not sure if Wattcost can help you? Think again. Read the full blog post here.

Production timeline

See what it takes to get your Wattcost delivered.
March 2017
Industrial design and final circuit board layout
May-July 2017
Pre-order campaign
July 2017
Product tooling and off-tool samples
August 2017
Pilot production for product certifications
August 2017
Design and source product packaging
September 2017
1st manufacturing run
October 2017
Start shipping to campaign supporters

Meet the founders

Revolutionary smart home technology developed by industry experts.

David Soutar

CEO & Co-founder
David has established and grown companies for Philips Electronics, Fosters International and Honeywell across Australia and Europe. He's been advising businesses on energy efficiency and building performance for over a decade. A self‑confessed sustainability geek, David is often seen turning off office lights on sunny days and riding mountain bikes around Sydney's hills on weekends.

Tell Mueller-Pettenpohl

CTO & Co-founder
Tell leads our product development team. With over 10 years experience and degrees in Computer Science and Data Science from leading universities in Germany and Spain, we put him in‑charge of creating incredibly complex systems that will make your life easier. As much as we like Tell his diverse cultural background still confuses us whenever he takes his surfboard snowboarding.

Demetrious Harrington

CSO & Co-founder
Demetri’s work in Silicon Valley has been rewarded with multiple patents including display technologies used by Amazon Kindle and other e‑readers. He's developed battery storage technologies and has a Masters of Science in Engineering. As Wattcost’s hardware and data algorithms evangelist, he still says nothing smells quite as sweet as fresh electronics and solder fumes in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wattcost can save up to 30% off your power bill when you act on the intelligent savings recommendations. That's serious savings for little effort!
We think it's really important you own and control who can access your personal and electricity data. During installation an encrypted account is created on Wattcost's cloud‑based servers, and all data access is protected by HTTPS/SSL, the same level of security used by the banks.
Wattcost's multi-awarded app will work on most Apple iOS10+ and Android Lollipop and above smartphones. The Wattcost app is free and will be available from Apple iTunes and Google Play stores when shipping commences.
The Wattcost battery‑operated Beacon and meter sensors use WiFi 802.11b/g/n machine‑to‑machine technology to send encrypted data via the Internet to our secure cloud‑based servers for real‑time analysis and sending savings alerts to your smartphone.
Not yet, but inter‑connectivity home assistant hubs like Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Echo will enable Wattcost to integrate with compatible home and appliance automation technologies for remote control in the future.
Absolutely. Simply locate your apartments' internal electricity fusebox to mount the Wattcost Beacon next to and install the "click‑on" sensor. When moving, you can simply remove and reinstall the Wattcost Beacon at your new home. Please note, we recommend "click‑on" sensors are only installed by a qualified professional.
Yes of course. If you are responsible for paying the electricity bill you can also benefit from Wattcost's unique energy saving technology. And when moving, you can simply remove and reinstall the Wattcost Beacon and sensor at your new home.
Wattcost is planning to ship globally in the near future, however for the first pre‑order campaign only to Australia and New Zealand. Sign up to receive our blog for latest news about future availability or send us an email asking about your country.
Simply select the PRE‑ORDER button above to choose a Wattcost product to support our campaign. Then you'll be directed to a shopping cart where your transaction will be handled securely online. Then, look forward to being one of the first in the world to receive your very own Wattcost.
The Wattcost Beacon has been designed to operate with one meter sensor for more than 6‑months on regular C‑size batteries or optionally from a 5VDC micro‑B USB plug adaptor. An alert is automatically sent to your smartphone when it's time to replace the batteries.